Friday, November 8, 2013

Foo Chow Hong Chow Rice

My cooking is always seasonal and according to "angin". Since last week, I have been into cooking all sort of rice --- pumpkin rice, yam rice, "clay pot" chicken rice .. and the hit of all these was Foo Chow Hong Chow rice .... here's the recipe .... try my best to put in place ... cos I really "throw2" and "agak2" (BTW this recipe is shared to me by CL). Bit lazy to type lot, let the photos speak....

Ingredients for 3.5 cups of rice:
1. Chicken (300g. If you can just get meat and debone it will be good. Marinate it with salt, hong chow, cooking wine, rice wine and sesame oil for at least 1-3hrs)

2. Fish cake (4 slices of longish ones, cut to dice)
3. Chinese black mushroom (soaked and cut to stripes)

4. Black fungus (soaked and cut to stripes)

5. One can of button mushroom (cut to 3)

6. Ginger (6-8inches @slice, garlic-minced) 

7. Hong Chow (4-6 table spoon), red wine (suggested half a mug but this is really to taste)

8. Sesame oil (Ghee Hiang --- very fragrant)

9. Salt (to taste), light soya sauce (to taste), sugar (1/5 - 1 tablespoon)

10. Rice (3.5cups, washed) 

11. Chinese sausage (Lap Cheong-slice thin) @did not use this cos we ran out of it

 Method :
1. Heat  up cooking oil and fry the garlic and set aside

2. Remove the cooking oil and add sesame oil into the wok and fry the sliced garlic till very dry and brown, almost burn look

3. Add button mushroom, fry for awhile before you add the black fungus and black mushroom. Fry till almost fragrant. At this stage, you can add salt in

4. Add the diced fish cake .... continue to fry ....
5. After the above ingredients are well fried and fragrant, you add in the marinated chicken meat. p/s this looks very little cos this is all there is in the house
6. Add in the Hong Chow. You can add according to taste or according to the suggestion
7. When ever you use Hong Chow in your cooking, be sure to add sugar, or else it may carry a little bitter taste
8. Pour in red wine at this stage and fry it well.You can also add a little of water so that the chicken is semi cooked or 3/4 cooked. Add in all the flavoring - light soya sauce and adjust the taste here. Note it has to be a little salty and strong taste here because you will be adding rice and water to it later
9. Then you add in the washed rice
10. Mix the rice well with the fried ingredients
11.Once that's done, transfer the rice to a rice cooker. Add water to cook the rice (my water is almost same level with the rice, or slighty lower). Add in a little more sesame oil so that the rice does not stick too much at the bottom of the rice cooker as well as a little more rice wine if you want. Stir it well. Sprinkle the fried garlic and if you have Lap Cheong, arranged the sliced Lap Cheong on top of the rice as well.
12. Cook the rice in the rice cooker. Depending on you rice cooker and rice, you may need to cook the rice 2-3 round to ensure the rice is cooked well. Whenever you want to re-cook the rice, make sure you stir the rice so that it does not stick at the bottom
13. Finally, after cooking 3 times, the rice is nicely cooked and the aroma fills the entire house .... yummy!

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