Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yeah!!! Bulan Puasa - Unity in Diversity :0

I was so excited that Ramadan is here. After being away for 3 years, today was my 1st day enjoying dinner from the buka puasa stalls. The house I live in is just 3mins walking distance from the stalls - super cool! When I lived in Perling, it takes 5mins drive to the stalls.

When I walked the stalls in the heat of the evening ... I was just soooooo thrilled and excited ...guess this was one of the things that I love and enjoy in Malaysia .... participating in the culture of another -- here ... the variety of food because of the fasting month! The choice of food --- wow ... u name it .... semua ada --- nasi beriani (macam2 type) .... ayam percik, stay, murtabak, nasi lemak, kebab, otak2, dishes ...asam pedas ... different types of fish ... kuih2 ... drinks ....dll (dan lain lain lagi)

Was excited when I saw a stall nasi dagang and nasi kerabu ... this is a typical Kelantan/Terengganu dish and its not easy to find it here. I wanted to get nasi dagang ikan but ikan finished (before 6pm) ... so .. I bought nasi kerabu ikan ... and burung puyuh goreng berempah. The nasi is very nice .... burung puyuh goreng .. this is my 1st time eating this. I bought this cos I wanted their rempah goreng .. it looked and smelled sooooooooooo good ... I dare not eat the whole bird ... bit geli and kesihan the bird .... ate a bit ... tasted like ayam ... but the meat is much tender ...

Happy and satisfied .... glad to be back in Malaysia man! Will visit the stalls again .... and this time must bring my camera ..


armouris said...

info tentang puasa Ramadhan di SIHAT SELALU - Puasa Baik Untuk Kesihatan

ing said...

Yup .... puasa is good for the body & health - detox & spiritual journey... :0