Friday, January 18, 2013

Cili Sambal Ah Ann's Style

When its cold, bottle packed it -- in freezer, it can last 1yrs, but in the fridge, 2-3 weeks. Add sugar to it when cooking it

It takes 1.5-2hrs in the entire cooking process. Pls cook over low flame
Lastly, add the blended chili and fry till its well done
The add dry prawns in and continue frying over low flame

Add the onions set blended and fry till fragrant aroma and add salt
The Ingredients Blended

500g dry cili
belacan : 3pcs

2 bowls of small onions, 2 garlic, 2-3 big onions

lengkuas - 3 to 4 slices, serai - 2, ginger - 1", kunyit - 1" & buah keras (rm2 = 2 small packets)

Dry prawns : 1/2 bowl (optional)
Daud limau purut : to be added in when it's almost cooked

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

.... G.R.A.C.E. .... overflows in 2012 ...

So, 2012 has ended and everyone is biz wishing happy new year every where ... and what did I do? 

I went for Watch Night service where we enjoy an hour or more of worship and being in His presence and after that an hour or more of "fellowship-ing" with one another where we get to hear testimonies of ones journey in 2012. This year, I miss my best friend's fellowship .. the significant part of 2012 was that this friend that God has miraculously guided the entire family to move back to the Land of their forefathers .... Sitiawan ... and hence through this God has also miraculously provided a "private" tent over my head. I miss their no1 son's testimony --- he always has a powerful testimony to share during watch night services.... May Jehovah, the God of yesterday, today and tomorrow ... be with you and grace your entire family's path with His presence and favor.

As I was reflecting on 2012 ... one word came to my mind .... G.R.A.C.E ...
 2012 : His GRACE manifested through Jesus

G : Goodness of God ... indeed the Goodness of God flows till it overflows .... God's blessing of amazing trip to China that firms my stand and path of His call ... God's goodness in accepting me as His beloved child in my weakness and strength ... God's goodness in my ministry .... its not what I can do but its all about Him .. what He can do in and through me .... all glory and praise belongs to Him and Him alone!

R : Reconciliation .... think the main highlight of this reconciliation was God bringing    me to comprehend the meaning of Home Coming .... or returning and being in Father's     house. From the KL Msia Home Coming event, God reconciled me to His Home and to    my Chinese roots and culture .... in 2012 ... I see how God as reconcile and brought    peace to many relationships with people around me and my family.

A : Assurance .... assurance of His presence with me ... through thick and thin ... ups     and downs of 2012 .... He was and has always been with me ... holding my hand tightly and not letting go ... Thank You Dad ...

C : Cleansing .... right at the start of 2012, through the ministry of Ps Andy, God cleansed not only me but our entire church through the session of inner healing and deliverance. And through the entire 2012, God's fire of cleansing has not stop ... cleansing me so that I can be an effective vessel for Him, for me to carry His presence and for me to welcome His presence as He visits Malaysia! Thank God for His cleansing ... else how can I stand His Holy presence ....

E : Empowerment .... empowered by His anointing and His authority to serve  the youths, the aunties ... the people around me ... there are times where I felt I totally do not want to serve and had no more energy to serve or pour ... but all glory to Him ... He empowers me and strengthens me ....

I started 2012 feeling a bit down and blurred in His path for me but I ended 2012 with His clear direction of His path for me and what He wants me to do/focus in 2013 ... 

With His leading, I was in Kluang beginning, middle and end of the year ... and each trip there, He has not only spoken to me but positioned me to His path and opened the way clearly for me to step into His path .... with the last trip there ... I await to see His hands opening the way and guiding my feet into the path He wants me to step in ...:) 

Indeed its a year of His G.R.A.C.E. abounds in me - in my life... in my ministry .... in my relationships ... in my family .... it is indeed God's grace that I have the honor and privilege to have mom living with me (though for a short time) after 5.5yrs ... 5 ... grace ... and grace abounds ...

It is His grace preserving and blessing Nee's relationship with Alex that they got married in 15 Nov 2012 ... and we all got to go to witness and bless this marriage.

So, what can I say after counting my manifold blessings except Thank You Dad for bringing me Home and loving me just as I am ... for being so patient for me ... for waiting for me and for not letting go of me ....

I await then,to see His G.R.A.C.E. continue to overflow in 2013 ... and His FAVOR rest in my journey in 2013 .... so exciting .... :) ... always exciting .... always an adventure when I journey with Dad ....
Pray I will to grow in Your Grace in 2013