Monday, October 4, 2010

Great is the Lord ...and Worthy of Praise

This song was introduced to me back in MYF days and it was one of my favorite songs ... and even back in varsity days ... it was still my top 10 favorite song .... then ... I almost forgot that this song exist until I went to TTC ... in the Yellow Song book we use for Cluster Vesper, the song is in it ... and almost every time I lead Vesper, I'll sing this song ... hehehhe .. off cos .. it's still my favorite song ma .. and past two weeks the Lord gave me this song again when Tsuey lead worship -- we sang in Mandarin ... but for me to express myself better and let the song so fill me ... you can hear my loud voice singing it in English in the mist of the Chinese voices ... tonight, the song came so powerfully again .... the lyrics of the song never fail to "water" my eyes ... especially when singing "And Lord I want to thank You for the works You've have done in my life ... and Lord I trust in Your unfailing love .... " the Lord indeed had done a lot in my life ... and is continuing to work mighty in my life ... until the day I see Him face to face ... PTL!

Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise

The city of our God the holy place

The joy of the whole earth

Great is the Lord in whom we have the victory

He aids us against our enemy

We bow down on our knees

And Lord, we want to lift Your name on high

And Lord, we want to thank You

For the works You’ve done in our lives

And Lord, we want to trust in Your unfailing love

For You alone are God eternal

Throughout earth and heaven above

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