Thursday, August 4, 2011

M burning midnight oil to work on a scrapbook for our pastor ... pastor's appreciation day is 1 week away .... so this is my project ... and as I think of her .. this MYF top 10 came to mind ... and with it .... sweet memories ..... I remember singing our hearts out every camp and getting emo during camp ... especially on the last day ... during USM days ... I also had a Valentine memory of it .... ahem! ... :) Tried You Tube looking for the song .. cant find it ... guess its too old .. but thank God I can still find the lyrics .... so I better paste it here ... just in case .... thank God for all the people He placed in my path to journey with me ....

Every time I think of you, my heart is filled with joy

I thank God for all that you’ve meant to me

You have helped me serve the Lord in many, many ways

We are partners for eternity.

God is using you to give His Gospel to this land

Your whole life is serving Him in someway

And I’m sure He’ll carry on His work will not be done

Until Jesus comes again some day


I’m thankful for your fellowship

Thankful for your partnership

Thankful for the love we share in Jesus Christ

I’m thankful for the joy we’ve known

Thankful for the way you’ve grown

I thank God each time I think of you

You are always in my heart it’s right for you to know

I love you because of Jesus’ love

I am praying everyday your love will grow and grow

Guided by His wisdom from above

As you choose to do His will He’ll cleanse you from all sin

You will face His judgment without shame

Then when Jesus comes again your life will be fulfilled

Giving praise and glory to God’s name


(Phil. 1 : 3-5)

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