Friday, February 3, 2012

Ikan Kembong Masak Asam

This evening, Lillian came over to CLeng hse cook lak2 dish for us ... we all LOVE her cooking cos its yum2 ... she's a very good cook. So, I quickly run home to get my camera to "record" down the recipe ...

a) To blend :
3 big onion
2 serai
1/2in lengkuas (just a bit)
belacan (1 inch)
dry chili (15-20)
ginger (1/2 inch)

b) Vegie for fragrant:
Daun limau parut (2-4pcs)
Daun kesom

c) Vegie
Ladies finger
Tomato (3)

d) Ikan Kembong or selar (6-8)

e) Asam paste juice, asam keping (2-3pcs), salt, sugar & ikan bilis cube (1/2)

Method :
1) Blend (a) and then add oil into wok to dry (a) till fragrant

2) Once its fragrant, add the leaves (kesom & limau parut)

3) Add water and the asam paste juice and asam keping in

4) Bring to boil

5) Put tomato and ladies finger

6) Add the taste ingredient (salt, sugar & ikan bilis cube)

7) After tasting it .... its ready to be served!

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