Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Prayer Camp 2013 Stations

Something which I precious that I have picked up and really enjoy and appreciate from TTC and handling Prayer Day is prayer stations. Prayer stations like station games is stations prepared to help people to reflect and connect with God - allowing space for Holy Spirit to speak to one through the stations. 

We have just completed our 2d/1m prayer camp at Tg Puteri Golf Resort. This is my second time organizing a prayer camp with the youths.  There were only  9 campers this time around but the figure is just nice for me to manage and we all fit nicely into the bungalow at the resort .... ample of space to create stations.

I was very blessed with many helping hands from the "young adults" of our group .... we have a driver, a cook (a great male cook I might add!), a person to manage money, logistics ... a "back-up" man who stands in the gap to help in any area that is overlooked. I very happy to see them reaching out to love and be the Da Ker / Jie to the younger ones.

The drive to Tg Puteri makes one feel as if we are driving to the end of the world .... :) .... anyway, we finally arrived .... a little disappointed that the recreation provided by the resort is not very well maintained and not available ... example ... the Amigo horses .... the guy say .... oh ... the horse is not around .... went some where some where to eat grass ... may come back tomolo ~~~~ welcome to Malaysian mentality --- semua boleh one ... :0

Going thru search engine and through prayer, I prepared the following for the camp :
Cross in the center of the room ....

Various ways of prayer :
a) Wailing Wall --- prepared a poster for people to write their prayers on paper and paste on it

b) Healing wall --- a poster prepared with a little prayer and promises of God regarding prayer. Encouraged the participants to take time to stand in front of the wall to pray for someone they know who needs healing -- physically or emotionally or mentally or even spiritually ....

c) Count Your Blessings -- thanksgiving corner.Participants are asked to write down what they can thank God for in during the time in the camp

d) Prayers on butterflies flying towards heavenward -- in this station, members are asked to write their prayers for Malaysia on the butterfly paper provided and hang them over the strong provided.

e) Over the map of Malaysia ....
At this station, members to think of what we want our nation to be and what we want to pray for Malaysia. In a word, write in the colorful post-stick paper provided.  I got all of us to sit around the map of Malaysia, stretch out our hands and pray the word that we want to pray for. Surprised to see that post-sticks all across the nation .... the youths really pray for various states in our nation.

Creative Reflective Stations :

Reflective Painting Prayer Station :
       Participants are given a picture with a Bible verse on it and asked to read the Bible verse in the paper you have. If you do not understand, please ask your Teacher to explain.

      Pray and ask God what He wants to say to you through the verse
      Start painting / coloring … as you do open your heart, be still, listen to His voice ….
      Write down your thoughts, what you hear and how you feel ….

 Reflection :  The Greatness  of Your God, Your Creator

Touch & Feel & See Prayer Station

·         Take a stone from the basket and read the verses prepared(I prepared scriptures on God's power in creation)
·         Take your time to Touch, feel and look at the texture and formation of the stone.
·         How do you feel? What thoughts come to your mind?
·         The same Person who created the stone you are holding created you …
·         What is Your Creator telling you?
·         Write them down

Candles and soft worship music to enhance the atmosphere

 Symbols of Hurt :
 Got the youths to read the following instruction. When they are ready, they are to take the candle and go to the 3 burning candle prepared in front (3 = Father, Son & Holy Spirit) to light their candle up to burn up what is written. It signifies that by themselves, the cannot forgive or be forgiven. Only when we come to God, He will help us.


The world is broken in many ways. Everyone experiences broken relationships.  Our relationships with others, God, the planet and oneself.
What hurtful things have been said to you? What hurtful things have been done to you? If you were to write a word, or draw a symbol to describe these, what would it be?
Draw it on the paper provided. As your do, acknowledge Gods presence here with you now.
Now, flip the paper over (or take a fresh sheet).  Think of what hurtful things you have said and done.  If you were to write a word, or draw a symbol to describe them, what would it be?
Draw it on the paper and as you do, continue to allow God to be part of the process.
Look at your symbols; do you want to take them with you?  Or do you want to let them go?
If we confess our sins, God is faithful and just and will purify us from all unrighteousness. Jesus said, “If you let go of the hurtful things people do to you, so God will also let go of the hurtful things you do.” This is forgiveness.
Think carefully. Are you willing to let go? If you are, then take the candle and burn the paper. Let go of them as God lets go of the hurtful things you do.
You are loved. You are free. You are forgiven.
Write down your experience in this station.

  Feelings on Plate Station :

      The plate represent your face
      Creatively express how you feel on the plate right now …. sad, angry, hurt, happy, excited, confused, tired, lonely …..
      Write down why you feel like that
      Ask God to take away your negative emotions and fill you with His love and joy
      Take a verse : pray, declare and claim it in your life

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Very creative indeed! Lots of work to prepare all the materials needed. Well done, Ing!