Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Healing Your Internal Clock - Michael Koh

This author is new to me ... never heard of him before but once in a while I would like to read books of people I have not heard of especially local authors. The content of the book seem to attract me, so I decided to get the book. After all, Glad Sound was having their annual sales and most of their books are on 20%. This one is 10% and its only rm15 before discount.

The author made an interesting statement that make me reflect and ponder on myself too. He said that impatient people have great difficulty being present to others, unable to appreciate the other persons in their own right, they relate ti them only in terms of their own needs .....Lord, have mercy on me and I hope to improve ...

The whole content of this book is based on the theory that there are two types of time dynamics:

a) Chariot Time - it is the characteristics of modern society experience increasing drivenness.
Hence, being is lost and time is lost especially in relationships. Isn't it true of this -- in the mist of being driven, we loose ourselves, our identity, our passion, our love, our goals and purpose of living (our being) and sadly, we might loose our souls at the end. In the mist of chasing time, chasing what we think we should be doing, chasing what we think is our roles and responsibilties, chasing what we think will bring us and our love ones a better future, we lost our loved ones in the chase. How many children are crying our for love, the presence and time of the parents and parents trade that with gifts and material things.

The question that has been on my mind past one month is "what drives me?" Off course this seems to echo the tag line of the product that I was involved in the launching about 10years back. But, pause! What drives us in life? Though I know the answer in my heart, I am still in the mist of putting the answer at the core of my heart beat, thus, my internal clock does need healing.

b) Holy Spirit Time - is the dynamic of time that moves in pace and rhythm with the Holy Spirit. We are not bounded by the physical time -- the second, minute or hour, days, week,month, years, instead we experience the life of God in the moment as fullness and as a present reality and this can only be experienced only by keeping pace with Him.

I have to say that I have been challenged very much to live by the moment -- the present ... the NOW .... as if its new .... leaving the past behind, pressing on ... not worrying over the future but to embrace NOW as a gift from God and discover that He wants to do in my life NOW, what He has for me NOW, what is my NOW assignment in His Kingdom. Yup! If I am able to do this, then I have found living life abundantly --- in Michael's words -- in its fullness.

So, how then we can heal our internal clock? Michael claims that it is what drives the pace of our clock that needs to be healed and brought into synchronization with God's clock and not merely slowing down. I love the way Michael explain that procrastination, dullness to the Spirit's prompting,endless hand wringing and fearfulness sometimes signal weakness of spirit or even deadness of soul.

Interestingly, he further suggest that sometimes we are not "prayed up" or spiritually fit to move at God's pace when He is ready to move -- this is really a thought provoking statement .... eeeemmmm .. he listed spiritual depression (a new term to me), neglect of fellowship with God, divided hearts (how true), lack of discipleship, inattentiveness or a lack of practice of hearing and obeying the prompting of the Spirit.

The first step in the process of healing of our internal clock is STOPPING - stopping is a grace that God provides in the face of fast approaching chariots of time. Our healing and transformation begin only when God arrest our movement (pg 55)....

"stillness initiates the soul's purification" : St. Basil

Coming to an end of one season of my life and at the dawn of another new season, my soul cries out to be still and know that He is God, my soul cries out against the chariots of time .... and desperately longs for the next season to be flowing according to His timing .... yes ... no wonder the question still lingers .. "what drives me in life?" .....

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