Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pastors Under Pressure - James Taylor

Adding to the collection of books that i recently bought was this book -I thought that I should read more these types of books in order to prepare myself to step into another new season in the coming months ....

This book -- nah ... its boring and not appealing ... yes, te author does seem to attempt addressing some common problems that pastors may face ... he may also have done some research and quote some famous people like Richard Baxter and Derek Tidball, but I find that he merely scratch the surface or allow the problems to surface without deeper or newer perspectives to the issues. Or perhaps the writing style of the author is just not my taste.

Having said this, i think that the author did raise an important question that all of us need to ask ourselves, no matter what circumstance we are in : Who are We? Who am I? I think that Casting Crowns answer this question very well by drawing the attention away from us to Him, our Creator .. our identity is in Him, who are we in Him .... likewise, our ministerial identity has to be founded in Him, the one who has called us and set us aside to do His work.

Off course, at the end of the book, the author tries to address or bring up the issue of retirement in ministry .... and this is something that is not often talked about .. and something that all of us must embrace when we come the sunset of our lives and ministry. But it requires much more development.

Net2 .... its OK not to read this book ... not that great ....

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