Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1st Class Reunion ..... 17 Nov 2010

We had our 1st class reunion yesterday at Angie's place .... thanks to Sam & Pris who graciously organize it .... Angie's condo .... wow .. clocks all over ... from all over the world ... from all spectrum of time line .... no wonder she's never late for class!

It was a time of GREAT fun ... laughing .... its really good to be back in "class group" again ... with all the uncle's nonsense ... jokes .... stories ... fellowship .... but most of all ... it was good to gather again just to share how have our journey been .... as well as our prayer request .... Sam led us to a meaningful time of worship .... (yo .... u got to get back leading worship la ... anointing man!) .. and just to pray for one another ....

Who came : Uncle Steven (hahahha .... with him around .... u're never short of stories .... and he shared on how he met my cousin Jonathan ... hahahha ... cool!) ... Uncle Pat, Lian Kuan (with his 2 kids .... though I really thought I saw little Tu jumping jumping around .... and with his blue Crocs slippers), Chris (with his wife and gal ... she has really grown so tall - pretty --- huge eyes!!) ... Sam, Lily (eerrr ... think its her 1st time joining the English class group ... hahaha ... y she's in the group ... "i dono" ...), Pris & Vic (the love birds ... ;-) .. jia you!!!) ... Jelin & Diana ... Samadi & hub ... oooo .... Lawrence ... Peter (who rushed in from JB [???]), Pei Yi and off course ... me me me ... ooo yea .. not forgetting our host whole steamed CRABS for us!!!!

Yup ... we had LOTS of food .. the star of the night was off course the crabs ... Lian's cheese cake .. and gor-ki ... really there were gor-ki-ies .... :0 .... did some one almost drop one??? hehhee ..

The take of the night :

It's really the grace of God that He had saw us through past 4-5.5 months of ministry. Many of us are very much struggling to adjust, settling down in the new life routine, new working environment.... new people .... balancing the ministry demands and we are all still on the journey .... its only by God's grace that we survived ...

Yes .... life and ministry is tough ... and we are glad that God gave us one another .... as support group .... to know that we are not the only ones who are struggling with the struggle of expectations of church members .... fear of offending people ... fear of taking risk for the Lord ... juggling demands of ministry verses our personal intimate relationship with God .... we are NOT alone ... we have one another ... and we have God ... the One who called us ... to be set apart to serve Him .... for extension of His Kingdom .....

From the sharing .. we gain strength that the God who called us will be faithful to us .. and to our calling .... 2 of personally shared that just 2 weeks ago ... they thought of giving up but it was God who reaffirmed their call and strengthen them ...

We also saw God's long lasting love and patience at work in our lives ... He is ever patient to wait for us to response to His work in our lives .... we saw a "repent" Lawrence ----- 1st time he handed in all his papers days before the deadline!!! And we also saw how God brought some of us through the process which we went through during our time in TTC ... but if we did not respond to His molding ... we will still be in the same process ... net2 .. there is NO moving on until we pass the "test" or "work" that God wants to do in our lives

Uncle Steven ... Pat .. Lawrence will be graduating coming May ... like how God led us ... and opened the door for us ... all of us .... He will open the door when we are ready and at the right time .... so ... we will continue to uphold our brothers and sister (Samadi) in prayer as they wait for God's door to be open .... He will surely lead us all the way!!!

So .. let's not stop meeting together like this and let's continue to pray that :

".... God to fill you with the knowledge of His will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives,10 so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please Him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God, 11 being strengthened with all power according to His glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience, 12 and giving joyful thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of His holy people in the kingdom of light ..." (Col 1: 9b-12)

Till the next time ..... remember my dear brothers & sisters .....

"The One who calls you is faithful, and He will do it ..." (1 Thes 5:24)

p/s : yes .... why no pix???? .... cos the one who brought camera got super excited when see the food .... forgot to take pix!!!see la!!!! guess who???

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