Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kari Ikan Masak Lemak (Fat Fish Curry?? hahahha)

I learned this new recipe from Lilian (she's a superb cook!!!) yesterday ... I thought I better pen it down before I forget the recipe ....

Ingredients :

A) To pound or blend them together into a paste
Small onions (10)
Garlic (whole garlic)
Ginger (1.5")
Kunyit (1") - yellow ginger (ahhh?? )
Lengkuas (slightly less than 1")
Dry chilies (20-25)
Serai (lemon grass) - 2-3

B) Baba's Fish Curry Powder - 2.5 tablespoon (add water and make it into paste)

C) Coconut milk (100-150g or 1 coconut)

D) Curry leaf

E) Vegie : 4 big tomatoes (choose yellow ones ... not so ripe so that it brings a little sourish taste to the curry), ladies finger (and I think we can add tau-po pok)

F) Fish (ikan kembong --small ones taste sweeter .. think we can also use tenggiri or other fish)

Steps :
a) Heat up the oi in wok
b) Add (A) in and stir fry it till fragrant .... till the oil surface
c) Add curry leaves in to fry & (B) .... Baba's curry powder
d) Add water .....
e) After bringing it to boil .... add tomatoes ... and ladies finger ...
f) Add salt to taste ...
g) Add the fish
h) Add the coconut milk ....
i) Gently stir it ... try to bring the vegie to the top and leave the fish at the bottom to cook it. Be gentle so that we don't crush the fish meat ....
j) Final adjustment to the taste before dishing it out to serve once the fish is cooked

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