Sunday, March 27, 2011

Susu is blessed by angels

I have hated washing my car even before I got my 1st car ... man! who loves washing car .. except for BIL and Chee2 ... who can spend 3-4hrs touching his precious car ... :0 ..

Well, m back in Sban and guess what ... Susu got a good shower!!! Hehehhe ... its really a blessing to have people who are kind enough to help wash my car ... is the hub-wife biz wash and vacuum my car ... the last few times I came back to Sban and dear Dan was the angel who gave Susu a shower .... and talking about that ... I still owe him a KFC treat!

.... thank God for such angels .... especially after a hard day's work and after driving all the way up right after "work" .... :0....

terima kasih yea ...

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