Monday, October 15, 2012

Holidaying with parents

I joined the local tour to Great Wall yesterday.was quite a challenging trip cos felt d tour was a rip off of what we are suppose to see and enjoy.we spent only one hour on our own in Great Wall and the rest of the place the guide took us was some unknown ala Hollywood,and one jewelry outlet and food outlet.felt the guide just wanted to earn our money.

But touched me in this trip was seeing at least three person bringing their parents for this kind lady who helped me a lot in this trip told me that she deliberately bring her mom to see Beijing n visit the  Great Wall while d mom is still mobile.the mom is 78 and climbed the GW. She reminds me of mom and I and makes me miss Mom.

Another daughter brought her parents and she was always busy buying food and snacks for her parents making sure they are not hungry.

Then a son brought his parents. He was caring n gentle with his parents.

Seems that for a lot of elderly people here this is their only trip they make and they really come from far remote places,saved all their money to just see their capital city.

With us wad four elderly men who came together. They seem bit rowdy and loud. Guess they don't have kids to bring them but came as a group,which is not bad ad well.

The sad thing about thus tour group was how the tour company rip them of thier only chance to travel to see. Instead packed them up to places for shopping which you know its either a rip off pricing or a fake.

The guide was nasty and mean. In fact,I will call her wicked. She lied to me about the stop I am suppose to get off,literally asking me to get off when I ask for directions. Her only kind conversation with me was-oh d jade is cheap,must buy back cos China jade good quality and oh,u come China must contribute to d economy,make sure you buy our local food product. It's all and only money she sees. At the end of the day,saw.her counting het commission and splitting with the driver-r3000++

I will still strongly recommend a private car and a private tour. At least we will not be stuck in situation where we need to add money for some fee which it seems we did not pay..m like huh? Sadly, this is the real China and the ugly side of human.

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