Saturday, October 20, 2012

Terrecotta Warriors

On the 3rd day of my trip .... my host arranged for a private car to take me to visit Terrecotta ... that man is a nice man ... honest and responsible. He shared that his late wife died in the Xian earthquake in 2008. Many died.

Since I was tight of time, I hired an English guide to bring me around and to explained to me the historic background.

I have heard so much of this place and being under one of the 8 wonders of the world sites, my expectations of this place was lifted high.

I would say that I was a little disappointed because buildings was build around the pits that make the pits and what I see a little fake and not that original. Having said that I think that it has to be this way as to preserve the site and artifacts.

It is still amazing to see how smart and the technology required to build such a massive underground world. Besides the diversity of the physical build of the soldiers, chariots, horses, horsemen, there were ducks, geese/birds and acrobats to entertain the emperor in his after life. The spear head were sharp and did not rust cos its made from chrome. So, the Chinese had chrome technology way back then ....

As I walked around, my heart is sadden to sense the traces of the wickedness and evil of men - every single worker, craft men, local or foreign experts were killed after they finish their section of task. The second son killed his other siblings to secure his place on the throne only to loose it after 3 years to outside powers. So, the spirit of death is prevalent in this place.

Ok ... I have visited this site once .... and once in a life time is enough for me .....

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