Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Missing Penang :(

While I waited for my car to be serviced this afternoon .... I flicked the magazines and came across one section that interest me ---- pages and pages of photos of Penang-Georgetown!!! OOO man!!! Make me really really want to go back to Penang .... especially walk the streets of Georgetown just to take photos .... Market Street, Lebuh Chulia, Love Lane, Penang Road .... Armenian St, Little India ... Kimberly St .... Campbell St .. where I always park my motorbike (free parking) so that I can walk to Penang Road .. and where I will always buy my shoes .... handmade canvas shoes with a little heels .... I buy all the colors available -- green, red, blue,black, beige .... Khoo Kongsi .... Beach Road,
SM and I briefly talked about going back to Penang this year beginning of the year ... Mei2's wedding is on 2 Jul and I have said that I will not be attending cos the timing seem to be too packed for me ... :( ....

Man ... when m I going??? I just want to go back ... walk the streets ... and it must be morning ... Market St .... day time ... and night .... just to take photos ... eat and enjoy the people living there .... well, that's what I did in those days right .... riding into the streets in the morning with my camera to take some people interest photos that is news worthy for my Photo J paper, then going in the evening ... just to enjoy the hustle and bustle of people ending the way ... as night falls ... and then ... makan!!! -- the best bak chang in Love Lane!!!

Hope I get my wish come true and truly get a trip to Penang just to be among the people and enjoy the buildings :0 ....

Man I miss Penang!!!!

I plucked these photos from this page :

This guys is not only great photographer, he captures Penang just as I remembered it ... the places ... that i love ... and the graveyard and even the tombstones where I roamed when I am bored!

Oooo Penang ... when m I going back to see u .... "lovesick" ...

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