Friday, May 13, 2011

WaterF U N!!!

I better blog this event before a 3rd outing happens :) .... been wanting to blog on my FUN time with the youths at Gunung Water Fall many many moons ago but didnt ... today, we had the same outing again ... so tot I better blog it down :-0

This sudden trip happened when after our Sunday meeting on the lesson of how to handle stress, Zian An approached me that some of them want to go to the waterfall to "de-stress" ... and soak in water .. since its a public holiday and it had been super hot for the past few days .... so, within just one and a half day, we put the trip together!

By 630am, we left Tmn Uni .... after "sending" the adults off for their normal hiking route and prayer .. we excitedly gathered for a brief prayer and some ground rules .... and head count -- 16 of us!!! "Let's GOOOOO!" We eagerly jumped into the water ... by 740am ....

Just as we got into the water --- there was the 1st water "attack"!!!! Hahhahaha ... belum apa2 must splash2 di ..... then, we had a few rounds of "birthday baptisms" ..... for May babies ...

The journey was not easy .... because we did not really know how long we will take (all we know, we need to be at the parking place by 1130am to meet the adults) and how the route will be like ... the dangers of the rocks and stone cos NONE of us actually completed this route before!

We walked and walked ... we stopped at 2 or 3 pools of water where we played and enjoyed the water .... and we continued to walk on .....none of us really know where we are heading ... all we know that our journey will end at the waterfall mid way of the hill ... how long more it will take ... none of us know .... at one point .. we saw a jungle route that will lead us back to the main route of the hill ... a shorter cut but we didnt want to take it ... because the river route is more "chi-kek"...

But by the time 1030am ... I summoned a "conference" in the middle of the river ... after sending 2 "spies" out to check what's ahead of us .... frankly ... we cannot see what's round the bend ... we cannot see the route ahead ... the rocks are huge and path looks difficult ... so, not knowing how long more the journey will take i had to call for a "conference" cos we need to be back at the car park by 1130 ... and after hiking for almost 3+hrs ... we still have not reach our destination .... so we talked and laid out the options .... some say ... go back the same way ... some say NO WAY ... some say continue going ahead .... since I am the leader ... m suppose to know what to do right and make a decision, right? ... hahhaha .... frankly I really dono what to do and was getting a little desperate cos the team was getting hungry and tired ... thirsty ... even the 6yrs old said .. her tummy is growling .... what to do ... ai ya ... what else ... DOA la .... so, we prayed ... and I make a decision by faith!

Praise the Lord!!! The decision was right .... in less than 10minutes .... just round the huge rocks and bend ..... we reached our destination!!! YEAH!!!!! God is good!!!! :0 :) :0 ....

Almost all of us ... were "injured" one way or another .... I had a cut below my knees and I dont even remember when and how I got it .... many of our feet ache like mad ... cos we walked on rocks and stones .... its like 4hours of free reflexology!!! But all of us said the same thing at the end : "its worth it!! we want to go again though pain all over!!!!"

We marveled at God's creation ... the water was cool .. and COLD .... clear and clean ... and the trees surrounds us and the sun ray slowly comes up ... wow ... God really LOVE us very much .. it rained but not too heavy the night before (if its too heavy we may cancel the trip as it may be too dangerous at the water fall) .... the weather was perfect ... it was a cloudy morning, the sun only came up later in our trip. By the time we got home, it poured cats and dogs!!! WOW!! Our Father held back the rain till we safely reach home in one piece.

It was touching to see how the siblings care for one another .... how the group helped one another out .... waited for one another ... we had 2 "slipper man" ... helping us to carry our slippers so that our hands are free to hike up the waterfall! I am sure our friendship and bonding with one another is closer now ... :0...

The moral of the story at the end of the day : the 4hours hike we journeyed is like our life journey ... we know where we want to be at the end of our life journey ... to be where God want us to be ... and ultimately with God forever ... but we really do not know how the journey is like ... how long it will take (after all, we dont know when we will die right) ....

Our journey on earth is also difficult and tough like our 4hrs hike .. we will get injured in our journey ... by people ... different encounters .. we will get tired and even sense lost ..(yup .. at certain point of the hike ... I felt that we are LOST ... aaaahhh ... how ... I cannot panic cos m their leader!!! ... so ... keep smiling and encouraging the team... hehehhe ... looks is deceiving!!)

But .... we will ALL reach our final2 destination ---- by God grace and grace alone ... He will give us the strength .. and protect us .... and only when we turned to Him and ask Him to lead us ... guide us .... and trust Him ... we need to turn to God and keep our eyes fixed on Him and Him alone! We prayed few times in this hike right?

Our journey was made easier and fun with the people God place in our life ... God will always put people around to us encourage us, help us ... and even journey with us ... just like how we had one another through out the trip ... :0

Lastly, in our journey ... there will be times where we want to give up ... we want to take short cuts out ... especially when we are tired or the journey gets too difficult ... but the important lesson we learned from this trip is ---- breakthrough will surely come .... we will truly reach our final destination when we press in our journey .. but just before we reach ... that part of the journey is the toughest! We just need to press in with God and trust that He will safely bring us to where He wants us to be at the end!

To God be the Glory!!!

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