Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Finally Complete The Student Pass Process

At last! I've last student pass to confirm that I am a full time student in TTC. This pass will expire 7 Jun 2010 ... after this date, I will need to come into Spore through the normal white card application process.

The process : after all the submission via internet, I had to print out all the online application, online approvals ... the medical check up and reports, I now bring with me all the documents - at least 6-8 documents and a photo with white background and this is the process that I had to go thru :

a) Q at a registration machine to scan in the barrcode from the approval of the Student Pass to get a number to submit my application at one of the counters.

b) Wait for my number to be called for submission of application. Once my number is called, the officer will go thru all my documents and verify the information against my passport. Then she keys into the system. (10-30mins depending on the Q)

c) I go back to the seat .... to wait for my number to be called again -- for scanning of the photo and thumbprint taking. (10-30min depending on the Q)

d) The officer will abstract my application data from her PC before she scan my pix etc. Then, she asked me to come back 50mins later for the collection of my student pass

e) After 50mins, I come back to the area, scan my barcode thru another machine to indicate to the system that I am here to collect the pass. The time and counter number was written down by the officer earlier. I notice that this particular officer was not very efficient because she entertained "walk-in" customers/request. After 20mins of waiting, I walked right to her counter and say that i have been waiting, I have taken my number and still am waiting. So, she took my stack of documents and told me to take a seat. She will call for me. After 10mins, she did call me, checked my documents again and then gave me my student pass. But before I take my student pass, I had to scan my thumbprint again and sign on a piece of paper.

Net2 .... the whole process takes 2-4hrs depending on the Q, the efficiency of the officers and the application before yours. If the application before yours is group --wah ... you'll have a looong wait or if the applicant before you have problem with the scanning of thumbprint ... then u slowly wait-la ...:)

How do I feel after this whole process?

I am glad and relief that this is my final time going thru this whole process ... from the application of solar number thru the school, facing the staff in the office .. right to the collection of card!

Bye2 processes ............... bye2 student pass!

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