Sunday, February 28, 2010

Way Beyond what I can Think Or Imagine

.... this is my story ... this is my song .... the Lord is my Provider .... indeed He is my Provider all the way ....

When the Lord ask me study full time, one of my greatest struggle was finances. I had no money to study full time .... :0 ... why .. because He gave me 2 words when He first called me to resign ;
a) Trust & Obey
b) He is going to empty my bank accounts

I always say that I was pushed off the boat to step into full time studies and some one's hands were used to push me in ... and at that point, stepping into the waters was a scary thing to do ...

How did survive financially past 3 years? At average, I need at least $Sin10,000 per academic year, about Sin8,000 plus for fees, accommodation & food. The balance goes to my pocket money and other expenses like books, transportation, bills, hostel/class/subject funds etc .... This is a lot of money in Ringgit!

As I come to my final term, I have to testify that God has never once failed to provide for me or short change me.

Firstly, He blessed me with supportive family, supporting me with prayers, moral support, understanding, making many sacrifices and adjustments to accommodate my journey of faith ... they have also support me financially. SM is always the first to make any support whenever I make any decisions .... where there is short fall for fees, Mom chose to helped twice.

Secondly, God has also blessed me with a church that is rich in giving and with Kingdom mindset of faith. I was not even their church member when they decided to pledge to support me and by faith, their support has been on an increase every year - like an annual increment.

Thirdly, scholarship through the school - from the 2nd semester of my 1st year till 1st semester of final year, I have been blessed with Mustard Seed, scholarship from a company from US. They will normally allocate 70% of my total fees.

Due to the economic downturn last year, my application was the final for Mustard Seed. This leaves me to paying 100% of my fees for this term. The fees is roughly $Sin4000 per term. However, just before Ms Yap left for her sabbatical leave, I asked if there is any other scholarship to apply and she mentioned Lee Foundations.

I thank God that I applied and the funding came -- $Sin4150, more than what I needed. there was even a surplus of $108 which came handy for paying for graduation fees ....

This is my story ... this is my song ... God is faithful ... and will continue to be faithful .. to provide for His servant ... for His child ... trust and obey for there is no other way ... :0

... This is the balance after paying for the fees ...

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