Thursday, February 4, 2010

"tent living" 1

I hated the living in the "tent" mode ... past 3 years, I have been living in the "tent" - my little room in TTC - and every other end of the semester I have to empty the room and move out of it. Then, for the next 1.5months I will be "floating" around -- living in and out of my suitcase in homes of Samaritans .... the feeling is not great .. and can be quite bad no matter how homely and kind the Samaritan is. Guess it is human to desire a habitat, a familiar place of resting and hibernation that brings forth the sense of belonging.

Many times I have wondered how did Abraham and Sarah did it? How did Sarah felt ... moving from one place to another .... not too sure when next to pack up .. when reach a place, how long to stay .... ooo .. the torture of packing and unpacking .... What does Sarah have to complete her kitchen? I know I'll my Correll, Cornningware and Vision pots waiting to be used when I God place me in a new "tent" in my next season. Thank God I did not give them away...:0 I miss a kitchen of my own ...:)

On the other hand, I am thankful that God pitched my "tent" next to a forest reserve. Its really really awesome to hear the sound of nature, especially in the stillness of the morning or in the quietness of the night ... I get to sleep with the moon light shining on me ...:) ... m really getting "wild tent" living experience in the heartbeat of Spore. I even get the sound of train of railway tracks ... can you believe it? The train whistles to bid me goodnite at 1150pm and gives me morning call at 620am ... It's windy and cooling because of the greens surrounds my "tent".

So, would not Abba Father guide me along the best pathway of my life (Ps 32:8) and give me the best, give me the desires of my heart when I take my delight in Him?

I sure am looking forward to the new "tent" that my Father will prepare for me in my new season. I have been pro-active in trying to acquire a new "tent" for my next season but past 2 weeks, the Lord has been speaking to me to trust in Him ... make room for Him to display His miracle power and love for me ... give me a chance to surprise me ...

YUP! After all that that He has done and provided me .... I now eagerly await for His surprise for me .... the best, taking all the desires of my heart and my needs, He will give provide the best for His beloved daughter ..

"Look at the birds of the air ..... consider the lilies of the field ....... If God so clothe the grass of the field .. shall He not much more clothe you?"
(Matt 6: 26-34)

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