Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lead Me Lord - 1

I guess I had too much of the grad magazine in my head as I have just completed the first draft of it. I can't sleep though its already 230am.

So, I decided to express my deep prayers and desires through the pictures I took in my silent retreat, last Dec, picking pictures that in line with the theme : Lead me Lord .....

This is the song that Dr LIm SH came across and it reminded him of us ....

Lead me by the hand and make me face the rising sun

Comfort me through all the pain that life may bring

There's no other hope that I can lean upon

Lead me Lord

Lead me all my life

Verse 2:

Walk by me

Walk by me across the lonely road of everyday

Take my arms and let your hand show me the way

Show the way to live inside your love

Lead me Lord

All my life


You are my life

You're the lamp upon my feet

All the time

my Lord, I need you there

You are my life

I cannot live alone

Let me stay by your guiding


All through my life

Lead me Lord

Verse 3:

Lead me Lord

Even though at times I'd ra

ther go along my way

Help me take the right dire


Take your road

Lead me Lord and never leave my side

All my days, all my life

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