Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lead Us, Lord (Dream Again)

While I was preparing the layout of the Grad Mag .... I found the lyrics of the song "Lead us, Lord (Dream Again) by Brian Doerksen .. we put it at the back cover .... and I didn't know that this is the same guy whom Pei Yi pass me a CD to listen to ... After listening to the CD whole day yday, then only it click ... any way .. this guy is new to me .... comes from Canada, BC. Will check out more of his CDs later2 ...

The song can be found in his album : TODAY. Hope to get a copy of this album ... cos I quite like his songs ... and lyrics

This is the Lyrics of the song :

Here we stand
At a crossroads again

Like you said
In time the seasons change

Looking back

We recall the blessing & the pain

But now we turn our hearts toward
What is still to come

We want to dream again

Lead us Lord
Into a life of fruitfulness

Prepare our hearts to risk again

As we trust

Taking simple steps of obedience we know
That you will lead us Lord

This is how the lyrics will appear at the back cover of our magazine.
At the moment I have only the B&W copy of the
mag w me ...

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