Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mom's 83 2day

Today is Mom's 83th birthday ... and I thank God for every single day that He has given to us to have Mom with us ... for keeping Mom strong ... for giving Mom a cheerful spirit and a prayerful heart. She prays for all of us everyday ... that's what we "assign" for her to do since she is retired now.

I wish that I can be with her on this special day and celebrate her birthday with her ... together with SM as a family .... maybe I should take extra afford to do so next year ... after all, its really God's grace for giving Mom to us even till now ....

Mom is still as vain ... she does not like to wear dull, dark, grey and brown tone clothes .... instead she still loves bold colors especially red .... and she is very particular about dressing up and presenting herself neat and lovely when she does out.

Till today, she still carries a comb/brush with her to church or when she goes for shopping (if she brings a bag along) a total contrast with me ... I dont even comb my hair!

I pray that God will continue to bless Mom with good health, joy and peace .... and immense joy as she enjoys her sunset years with us.


PreciousPearl said...

happy birthday to your Mum! still going strong.... :)

ing said...

...yup... thanks ... it is my prayer for both my parents that God keep them strong till I finish studying ... that was 3 years ago and God has indeed answered my prayer ..:)