Sunday, June 27, 2010

Counting My Blessings .. Naming Them One by One

Yes, I really want to thank God for His provision thus far in the new stage of my life. He really looked after my needs --- off course the first is the desire of giving myself a break after slogging for 3 years ….draining every ounce of brain cell I have … -- yes, I need a holiday! God gave me the most wonderful and great time in Hanoi with great crazy friends …. 5 solid days of just relaxing … Pei Yi keep saying its soooooo good to go back to the room to do nothing, and not going back to finish a paper … she also keep saying ..she has all the time in the world …. Willing to wait for anything … do not have any paper to rush out …. J imagine what studies have turned us to … paper churning machines!

Vietnam is a very beautiful country – still unspoilt by development and massive globalization but it is creeping in. The first impression of the country on the way from the airport to city is – its like China, from the uniform guards almost all over to the red flags to even the buildings and landscape. The buildings are generally narrow, longish and tall. The people – hahhaha … small size. Ah Yi keep saying that she feels like a giant in this land.

Hanoi is a beautiful city – old buildings. There is still a lot of the blend of the new and old. One can see big cars pass by and at the same time, a trishaw or someone on feet selling goods in two big baskets carried on their shoulders. This is a land of motorbikes as well. It looks like the ladies worked very hard. Seem to notice more women around and women doing all the hard work.

The streets are narrow and the road system – hahaha … I cannot make out yet cos a cross junction is not really a cross – the traffic seem to be coming from all angles. The trick to cross the street is to keep walking. The vehicles will know how to avoid you – if you try to avoid the vehicles, you’ll get knock down.

Highly recommend that one must visit Sa Pa if one visits Hanoi. Sa Pa is 9hrs from Hanoi city, 8hrs by train, 1hr by bus from the train station. It’s like going to Cameron Highlands, cold, small town – slightly bigger than Brinchan. The attraction is the tribal native village, the mountains, waterfall, jungle tracks etc. There are quite a lot of tribal village around – and they are HUGE villages, not like Malaysian orang asli villages. Their livelihood – farming – the conventional way …. with their bare hands and help of buffalo. Children as young as 4 years old are already being trained in the farm or at least to carry water or the crops from the stream in the villages. Or when they see tourist in their villages, the children runs to you to push their handmade items, smiling sweetly to you saying, “Buy from me, buy from me”. They know how to speak English to sell and bargain. The people are very kind and simple. When they saw Ah Yi’s knee, many offered help (ice bags, chair to sit on etc) or just rush out to see what’s happening. Challenge : who and how to bring the Gospel to them? There are soooo many of them ….

We also visited Ha Long Bay. It is World Eight Natural Wonder Heritage or something like that – you get to see caves and lime stone mountains / islands. But I still think that southern Thailand’s lime stone mountains/ islands and beaches are still much nicer, especially off Krabi. The caves – I think that the 5 Mulu caves is a match or better than the 2 caves I visited in Ha Long Bay. But the cave that made a very lasting impression on me was the glow worm cave I visited in Rotorua, New Zealand.

I have also got to count the blessing of family and friends. Thank God for keeping my parents strong physically. Mom had 2 falls in one month (one was 3 days just before my convocation and another just couple of days back) and I thank God for His protection and hands on Mom. Thank God for siblings and even nieces and nephews and for all their support …

Coming down to JB to start the new season of my journey, God provided an angel who offered me to share her house with me. It’s a medium cost single storey house – so, something like Tmn Berpadu housing estate. The house has 3 rooms. One room is occupied by all my things I brought back from Singapore and the other my bedroom. I was touched because the angel actually went out to buy a new bed and mattress for me. She refuses to take a single from me for rental! I offer pay the utility bill but it seems its very little. For now, my housing is settled temporarily until the Lord provides my own home where I can house Mom too and any family who wants to bunk in. I believe that He will provide the right one for me, at the right pricing, semi furnished at the right location … . He has never fail me so far.

My car should be coming next week – the sales lady say end of the month. I pray it will be out by then. For the time being, my housemate also offers to drive me around or lends me her car or sometimes I get cars from other friends. Cars are not a problem – I am provided for in this area. I am getting a new car with very minimal “Sdn Bhd” loan --- no, its not from the loan sharks but my own family. But really, it’s a very small sum compared to the price of the car. Isn’t our God great?

Looking back, one month and one week from the date I graduated from TTC, the Lord had been with me … He had been providing and looking into my needs. Yes, I thank Him for all the little little blessings He brings to my life and angels that He sends along my life! And I give thanks to Him, my source of my every need in every situation. Yes, as the Palmist declares, He knows the number of hair that I have because He loves me and I am precious to Him.

Indeed He has not forsaken me in my season of transition and adjustment. My Father always gives the best to me. He provides exactly what my heart desires for …. to the very detail.

So, in the mist of changes, adjustment to new environment, new community of faith, new role and responsibilities that I will be asked to do, my Father is holding me with His righteous hand, He have not forgotten me nor has He forsaken me. He will surely lead me to His path and show me His way, to His everlasting way.

May I yield myself forever to Him so that through me, His name will be known through all nations and His glory to be shines through me!

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