Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Help is Coming ....

Yesterday in City Square, saw an old man ..... 60s buying a cheap silver chain .... I cannot help think who will he get it for ... m sure its not his wife. Such irony of life ... young and old are always in desperate need for romance and love ... and which seems fade through time and toil of life, difficult children, growing children ... many children .. when the waves of change and winds of temptation blows, when new "love" comes knocking at your door ... its hard to hold on to the vow that was made .... its easier to walk away .... if you have not got your foundation rooted in Him and if you have not made God the glue of your relationship ...

Heard a very disturbing news yesterday morning .... my JB Indian sister got divorced .... I have seen this couple go through tough times but I never could imagine that they will end up divorced .... after all, I was away for 3 years and before this, we used to hang out quite often and in less than 2years away from JB, they are divorced.

Over the weekend, met another friend, at 40, is picking up the pieces of life and starting to live all over again .... after a painful and difficult divorce ...

Weddings are always a happy occasion and fun ... but when it comes to living the marriage ... it needs lots of hard work, perseverance, lots of giving ..... dying to self ... and most importantly, God!

So, for those who are facing the challenge of life ... especially in relationship .... .... hang in there ..... God will come thru for u .... help is on the way .... He is there ... waiting for you .... to ask for help .... He will show up when you ask Him ... He will not fail you...

Help is On the WAy (Michael W Smith)

People say that time will heal
But you know, they just don't feel what you feel

Times are hard but God is so good

He's never failed you, and
He said He never would
He see's your tears
He fights your fears


Hold on, help is on the way

He said he'd never leave you or forsake you

Stay strong
Help is on the way
He'd said he'd help you

Just reach out and take his hand


He knows your heart,
He lifts your head
He's always close enough
to hear every word you said

When you're weak,
He said He's so much more
His arm is long enough to reach you where you are
He see's your tears

He fights your fears

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