Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Fading Of One Generation

Last Sun, 6 June 2010, Aunty went home to be with the Lord peacefully at 10:27pm. She was 67years old. Aunty is the youngest from Mom's side and was born during World War 2 .... everyone in the family babied her since she was the youngest. She was showered with lots of love .... the brothers who went to the fields to work will race each other home after a hard day's work ... the winner will get to carry the fat cute baby!!! Such simple life ...

Mom come from a huge poor family of 11 siblings .... 7 boys, 4 girls but it is officially known that they only have 10 sibling because one of the girl was given away as a child bride when she was a little girl. She was either the eldest or second daughter. However, the family who took her in abused her and caused her death. The family came and informed Grandma that her daughter died from falling from the stairs. The real cause of her death is unknown. Since she was given away as a child bride, she no longer belong to the family, hence, she is not counted as a child in the family. In olden days, it is cheaper to give away their daughters as child bride as the dowry is much cheaper and many families cannot afford the dowry. The child will stay with the family as a maid and when the right time comes, she will then be officially given as a wife to the son of the family.

The eldest daughter was given away to my Great Grandma (maternal) to take care because their family was too poor to bring up girls. They keep all their sons but give away their daughters. Hence, when Mom was born, she was much loved by her Mom maybe because of guilt feeling of unable to love and care for the older two daughters. Mom is officially the second daughter. She is known as Nee-Ku to all her nieces and nephews.

My eldest Aunty was brought back into the family in her early teens but she was a rebel. Off course. She has never lived with her family and the feelings of rejection was strong within her. She was later married to a rich man in Nam Pong at the age of 14, Southern of Thailand by my GrandPa. Till the day of her death, she found it hard to forgive her Dad for "selling" her off at such a young age.

Mom has 7 brothers. The eldest was the smartest. He was a teacher and for someone to be a teacher in those days was big deal. But he ran away from home to Singapore because he does not want to marry the child bride that Grand Ma arrange for him. He died during WW2, from the tortures of the Japanese army. The family just got news that he died. There was no body or funeral conducted.

Mom's second brother also ran away from home because he does not want to be associated with the child bride that was given to him. He went off to China and joined the armies there. However, he later returned to Malaysia (Malaya) and set up his own family upon Mom's appeal to him because Grandma was stricken by grief. Mom went to someone in Simpang Ampat to help her write and mail the letter to her second brother.

Mom's third brother died under the hands of the Japanese as well. It seems that he stayed behind though the villagers asked him to run away ..... his reason was -- he could speak to the Japanese. If I am not mistaken, he was accused of secretly giving medical help to the Communist or something like that. He was literally shot to death. His grave is in Simpang Dua but the family was too poor to build him a proper tomb, hence, his grave is unknown to us now.

The 4th brother also went off to China. He was the playful one, or shall I say street smart just after Mom. Mom told us of an incident whereby he told Mom that he would take her for movies (she really wanted to watch movie but was scared to pass by the graveyard in Simpang Dua) but the catch was, Mom was to pay for the tickets as well as a bowl of noodles for him as payment. In those days, Mom held the family's accounts as all the bigger brothers were not around to help manage the family business. Mom and the 4th brother walked to Cathay Cinema from Spg Dua to catch the movie. However, when 4th Uncle wanted to come back to Malaya (the same time as 2nd uncle), he lost his birth cert and could not proof that he was born in Malaya, hence, he never saw parents alive the day he left for China nor did her return for their funeral. He married a beautiful wife in China and had 2 kids but died when he was 49years old from cancer.

Mom's 5th brother lived a flamboyant lifestyle. He died about 5 years ago from colon cancer at the age of early 70s.

Mom's 6th brother inherited the family business and home. He was the most responsible son who loved Grandma a lot. Since he inherited the family home and business, he continued to open his home and showed hospitality and generosity to the rest of his siblings and their children.

Sadly, Mom's youngest brother immediately died in a freak motorbike accident in front of Shell, Kpg Koh shortly after his 1st and 3rd brother died. He was single and young -- perhaps early or mid 20s. After he died, Grandma was bedridden for 1 month because of grief. It was Moses Tay's mom who came and combed her long hair daily and ministered to her.

As you can see, Grandma had a very challenging and difficult life. There is much more story ... perhaps I'll write them and publish it someday. But the life and family dynamics drew her close to God, drove her to her knees to pray for God's mercy for her family. She was an intercessor for her family and society. She was one of John Sung's preaching band and it seems when she prayed for the sick, they are healed.

By mid 1970s, there was only 5 living siblings left from the family of 10. 2nd (at ripe age of 86) and 6th uncle pass away (of heart failure) two years ago in the span of 3 months and now, with Aunty gone (pancreas cancer), Mom is the only sibling left. We literally see one generation fading away before our very eyes ... and it is sad.

Aunty was also an intercessor ..... she goes round praying for all of us ... her family. CK asked, with her gone, who is going to replace her .. who is going to stand in the gap for our family and intercede .... there is many more yet to come to the Throne Room of Grace ... Yes, the Yu family must arise to receive the baton and carry of the spiritual assignment as intercessors .... so far, there is only two from the Yu family who are serving God - one full time, one part time. Yes, I am serving the Lord full time and my calling is tied to my spiritual heritage from Yu family as well as Ting family and I carry the surname Ting. For this reason, I still believe that my generation of Yu family has to arise to take over .... and to prepare the next Yu family generation to continue to carry the baton before it completely fade away....
We really thank God for preserving Mom and keeping her strong. Yes, her work is not done yet ... and I pray that God will continue to keep her strong until His work for her is done!


AJ7 said...

Interesting! We're blessed to have those before us who interceded for us. The batons are being passed on. The challenge is whether we can answer the call.

ing said...

Yes .. we need to pick up the baton now and train the new generation to take the baton when its time to pass on ..:0

Anson Ong said...

Family legacy CANNOT be eroded - I strongly believe that God has given each and every of HIS children a time and opportunity to make their lives count - yeah Mrs. Ling Soon Min is really going to be missed as well...also being a good old friend of BOTH my Mom n Dad (who are perpetually HAPPY to reside in good ol' Sitiawan than anywhere else :D )