Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Family Fun Time - Final

At last, my precious family had gone back home ---- I really miss having them around and wish that they are closer ... so its nearer and we can met up more often rather than every few long years. The next time I see them -- especially the kids .. they will be young adults! The dynamics will be different again .... poor Dan is missing them badly ... we pray that God will give us more of this precious opportunities ...

Anyway, back to my time with them - after church last Sun, I drove up to Malacca to met them .... since Malacca is just 1hrs drive from Sban, SM took a nap after church while I started my journey directly after church.

Malacca is a very beautiful place to take photos .. I enjoyed clicking away my new camera the moment I stepped out of the car and the moment I stretch my hands out to click --- a bird pooed on my arms!! This reminds me of the incident Pris Li and I were taking photos in Chinatown last CNY and while I was biz taking Pris photo ... a bird few over Li and pooed on her head -- we had great time laughing .... (hohoho)

All of us enjoyed Malacca .... I ... love the color and buildings in Malacca and Jonker's Street ... m eying to buy the small wooden stool with cartoon carvings on it ... :0 ... it was a memory lane journey for us cos 14years ago, we also did the same trip .... Matthew was 2 then and Nee Chia was carry Mark ... Uncle J walked up St Paul and encountered God up in the hill. The sisters just had to take a pix together there ... just like what we did 14years ago ... No1's comment when he saw the 14yrs old photo -- "wow ... u guys were much smaller" .... hahahhaha

The next day, we drove to Genting ... it was interesting drive for me cos it had been soooooo long that I drove on Middle Ring 2 .... but .. I still dont like Genting. I never liked the place and after this visit --- confirmed .. I dont like Genting ... I hope not to go back to this place ever ... again. Its just too polluted --- people pollution, noise pollution .... smoke pollution .... but I do have to say that they did manage the place well ....

The kids simply enjoyed themselves -- they played their hearts out ... and they really need to thank Uncle KC for being so sporting to accompany them and bring them around in the outdoor themepark. It was almost like the Canadian Rockies relived .... only thing ... its in Malaysian 'Rockies" and Lyn is not with us. The same group .... but now the group ... have all grown up.

The kids loved the room --- no3 say that she wished that the room was hers ... in terms of space. No2 asked how much is the room per night because he wished that he can stay in Genting for 3 days to finish all the games in the themepark ... and the weather .... it was cool ... nice for them.

The following day .. I drove everyone back to Sitiawan while KC and SM went back to Sban ... in Sitiawan ....the kids were thrilled that they are staying in sister's house though I wanted to stay in Mom's place. The kids ... bonded so much that they move every where together ... sleep together ... get into the same car .. sit side by side ... especially Dan and no3. The cousins were really enjoying one another ... the best part of all I think was the visit to the local tuckshop where no2 bought lots of candy sticks cos it as soooooo cheap ... 10cents per stick. Dan is the leader .. afterall, he is the only one who can speak the language that will help them buy things :0

All of them had their share of motorbike ride .. the best was off cos Uncle J riding the bike himself. No1 wanted to buy a motorbike ... so I got him a motorbike.

Think that in 3 weeks we covered a lot of places ... God had been so good by giving us good weather to enjoy His creation and out door ... He protected us in as journey as we ply the notorious North - South Highway up and down ....

I am touched to see how close the 3 siblings are .. they have good relationship and bonding just like their Mom and us ... cos at the end ... it is families that will give us the core support that we need to live on this earth ... off course I think that all my next generation have good relationship and bonding ... this is something which I really thank God for .... I am also touched when I see how guai (good/understanding) no3 is ... I think that this little young lady has very sensitive heart, a good heart responsible, her thoughtfulness .... never complaining .... children are gifts from God ... :0 ...

I had good precious fellowship with my dear sister till 4am ... we shared our hearts and tears out ... we thank God for our family .... and God gave us one another because "God sets the lonely in families" (Ps 68:6a)... my family had stood by me through the thick and thin of my journey here. The conclusion I have come to in my thus far as I reflect on families ... it is not important how we start ... but how we will end our journey here on earth ...we may have a good start but may end up in shambles ... but we may have a humble beginning but through the grace of God .. we will end well -- in the arms of our Father ... as He carries us through the door of death to His House.

In this trip, I also had the opportunity to take photos around Manjung and appreciate my roots as a Foo Chow and my rich heritage .... :0

Much more to write ... to say ... in one sentence : Thank God .... and to God be the glory!

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