Friday, January 7, 2011

It's a Path of Grace - 2010

Just came back from prayer meeting and was reminded of this song : Path Of Grace by Stream of Praise. This was a song that we sang in our Graduation Retreat in Li's attempt of making us cry .. hehehhe .... no la ... but after we sang this song in the retreat, Ah Yi blasted (she has a good sound system for watching movie via lappie)this song from her room non stop till Mei2 scare when hear the music ...

Yes, 2010 was a year where my Shepherd had led me through with His grace, love and hands ... He had never once let go of my hands ....

2010 was a year where I went through major changes : from being a student to full time staff, from living in Spore to living in Tmn U (a new area for me in JB), from living solely by God's provision by faith, now God's provision comes through His church, from serving in English church in Spore to a fully Mandarin church in JB, from serving the young adults to serving youth, from being in the company of same flock friends .. to the company of different group, different background and culture ... it was a year when I explore new things for the 1st time - I led a youth group for the 1st time, I preached once every month, I organized a youth camp for the 1st time ... I led prayer meeting in Mandarin for the 1st time, I led CG in Mandarin for the 1st time ... my 1st time going to Korea, Hanoi ...

All I can say is thank You Lord for leading me in the path of grace, in Your love, with Your hands ... step by step .... You have led me all the way. I thank You for the smooth transition from being a student to working, from quick adjustment to the new environment, for a wonderful church that did not reject me but embrace and supported me, for 2 great brothers whom I work with in the youth ministry, for an understanding and supportive boss/pastor, for generous housemate ... for the room and the little surprise after Christmas in my room .... for my family (especially Mom and SM/KC who stood beside me all the way and for their understanding and prayers)

For the precious lessons that You gave me as a junior pastor in church (the wrestle of facing the expectations of the members, fear of rejection/talked by members, insensitivity, the true calling of servanthood, humility ... ) .. for ministering Your love through others and assurance /affirmation of my call ...

... for the blessing of Nee Chia and family who came back after so many years ... for the miracles in the youth camp ... the angels that You sent to help me ... for the work You are doing in the lives of the youth .. for answering our prayers ....

For my latest increment ... though LN thinks that its even higher than inflation and how come so often I get increment ....

What can I say but ... thank You! Thank You for Your grace ... love and faithfulness ....

How was your 2010? What do want to thank God for?

Enjoy this song as you reflect on your 2010 :

Like Nee Chia say, life is a journey of choices ... what will you choose 2011?

祢是我的主 引我走正義路
Lord, You are my guide, the shepherd of my life
Through the hills and valleys
You’re always by my side
萬人中唯獨 祢愛我認識我
Calling me by name, You’ve chosen me with love
Blessing me abundantly
Your promise will never change

一步又一步 這是恩典之路
Every step we take, You lead us with Your grace
祢愛 祢手
Your love, Your hand
Will hold us close to You
一步又一步 這是盼望之路
Every step we take, You lead us with Your grace
祢愛 祢手
Your love, Your hand
Will guide us through the path of grace

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