Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pre CNY Class Gathering ... Uncle Steven's House

This is the uniqueness of my class ... every term, we will to organize outings and gatherings as a class ... just to hang out and chill ... but the our favorite type of hangout is actually in one of our classmate's home .... and we have very kind and hospitable local classmates who have opened their home to us. A tribute to David Ho, Samuel Lee, Pris .... and Dan who has opened their homes before. For CNY, Jelin, Ah Lian and Pei Yi has also open their homes. We are a "homely" batch of people ...:)

This time around, Uncle Steven offered his home to us ... his home plus sponsoring a buffet lunch for us.We felt so honored and touched by his hospitality and generosity ... he has been with us in year one till now .. but he will not grad with us because he's a part time student ... juggling a part time work that takes him to Cambodia every month, studies and ministry. Uncle Steven has a very nice double story corner lot house .... huge ... big garden with 2 fish pond - one for koi, another for guppy.

We had 2 teams leaving different time from TTC ... Susanto's team left at 930am!!! and mine 1030am (cos we are lazy) ... Susanto's team was too early ... so he had a chance to enjoy Star Bucks for the first time in his life with Bapak Rudy. My team was 30mins late ..:)

We met Lian Kor who was our guide .... he is volunteered to walk us from Tanah Merah MRT - servanthood in action cos he made few trips and also arranged the food for us ... :) ... tats our Ah Lian ... thanks Lian Kor ... another name Lian Kor identified as is Lu-Lian-Kuan .... (hehhe ... this is a private joke from the Methodist Retreat). [if you think that the Dad - Ah Lian is farni and crazy .... wait till u met his cute charming son!!!!]

It was a HOT day ... so Ah Lian .. he proudly opens his umbrella and offer it to Tu (he scare be become dark .. vain2...) .. and here Jeng and Pris went undercover in a "veil" from Fuji.

Anyway ... we arrived at the house and had great fun and mum2 .. the speciality - dried Spore laksa and their soon kueh ... their sambal also rocks! We ate to our hearts content except that our thirst was not "whole-ly" quenched.

Net2 ... as long as it comes to food and "drinks" ... our class will always be united in one agreement! Have say a HUGE thank you to all who have opened their homes to us and avail your kitchens for us to hang out, chill and makan!!!!

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