Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Process ......Student Pass

The thing I hate most every beginning of every term is the torture of going through the terrible process of renewing my student pass - every term; ie every 6mths!!!!

The process of renewing your student pass if you are a lady student (see - Singapore is sexist and practice gender discrimination ) :

a) by the end of the semester, we are to fill in 2 forms to apply our Solar number to our school (one to submit the subjects I took previous semester and my grades, another to certify my class attendance)

b) submit to the school, the school process it and give me a new solar number

c) then we go online ... to submitted our application in .... a whole host of things to fill, and must attached soft copy of foto .. passport type .. with white background. Park it there for the ICA to process and approve. 3 semesters ago I had problem submitting my application cos the last digit of my Malaysian IC indicates that I am a Male. After 3 times applying it without any problem... now I am having this problem. Off course the last digit error is not mine. It was the error of the clerk who processed my application for IC when I was 18 yrs old (i think) but I had to pay to undo her error that messed legal and official matters in my life (like I may have problem to be legally married because my IC last digit indicates that I am a male) through my birth cert and old IC clearly indicates that I am born a female. Ai .... tats another drama altogether ...

d) We have to wait for the ICA to process the application (which is fine) but in between the time of processing and approval of the application, I need to pay processing fee online ($60 for Malaysia) and issuance fee upon approval ($30)

e) With this, I get a list of documents that I have to bring with me when I physically have to be at the ICA building to complete my application and collect my student pass. With the host of things that I need to bring is ... medical report (submission by random selection by ICA) and a most recent picture taken past 3 months... o yea ... I need to take photo in the ICA building because they need recent photos - last 3 months right ... so, every 6months, the photo I took for previous student pass is expired. (bazir $$$ again ai ....)

My challenge is the - I have go to through this process every 6 months just because I am a female and repeat payment every 6 months - my dear male classmates only need to pay once every 12mths and go through the horror of the process once in 12 months (which is fair).

f) Then comes the random medical report that I need to do. After 2 years, ICA decided that I need to submit a fresh medical report (which is fair) and now, 6months down the road, they decided to pick me up again to include my medical report .... ai .. so I have to go down Satta to do my medical check up, after the process of taking my Xray and blood test, I had to wait for an hour to see a doctor who is simply uninterested in his job to take my pressure and sign off indicting that I am OK. ai ya .... and I have to pray another $48 for this process.

Now my conclusion after 6 rounds of going though this nightmare process, I think that Spore does not welcome students because we cannot generate income into their economy and makes process difficult for lady applicants because it's their task to ensure that "unwelcome ladies" abuse this pass. Hence, I have to bear with this every 6 months ..

Yes, Singapore does not appreciate and welcome me ..... Singapore is not my home-land ..... I will be glad to go back to my "home-land", the place where the Lord had chosen in the very first place. Though my home-land looks like a mess and a circus through physical eyes, but I choose to believe that God is still at work, God works in ways that we cannot see ... let justice roll in Malaysia like a river!!!!! Shalom Malaysia!

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