Saturday, March 6, 2010

How You Spend Your Free Time

"The character and career of a young person depends on how he or she spends spare time"
~ Oswald Sanders ~

Sanders has indeed got this right -- bull's eye. As I look at my own life .. the way I manage my time and spend my free time, it does effect my character and my career. In those corporate days - I spent my free time walking from mall to mall in KL ... mall to mall every where country I go to ... ending up with a mass of junk that was tucked away somewhere waiting to be used. In my free time, I will also pamper myself with massage, hair beauty .... facial ... nails ... and my character - selfish and self centered ... "I" comes first ....My career ... climb the corporate ladder .... as high as I can .... in whatever means that I can .. to attain what I desire and wish for .... life is all about I, me and myself .... all things become secondary ... all other people has to come later ... after my own needs is looked into ...

You can imagine how my spiritual life at that time .... where was God at that time? Yes, God was there ... some where ..... some where in my life ... just some where ..

Stop! Pause! Take a look at the way you spent your free time ... your leisure time .... what does it say about your life, your priorities .... your your character .... the path of your life? What does it tell about where God is in your life? ....

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