Wednesday, March 17, 2010

... Lesson learnt .... Simplicity ....

Within one week, the Lord taught me the lesson of simple living .... and this is what I want in life ... a life lived in its fullness of His love and grace in simplicity ... not complication ...

Simple living means I will need to have less things in my house .... simple living means I should not have more than I need ... I should not hoard God's blessings in my life by storing them up somewhere ... waiting for the right moment to be used. Simple living means ... I will not trouble people, instead be a complete blessing to others. When God sees to my needs ... He will surely see to it well ... all in order .... smoothly, hassle free ....

So, what is my two precious lesson that I learn in within this week :

a) HHD
I needed a HHD and checked the market pricing in KL, Jakarta and Spore ... this is the blessing of having connections in the PC world. I discovered that KL is the cheapest. But to in order to get this product all the way from KL .. u jus imagine the trouble I need to put the chain of people in .... so, I decided to buy the product in Spore ... after all, the difference is NOT in thousands ... or even hundreds ... I should not be so calculative but be a wise steward of God's blessings.

Just as I told my frd in Spore my decision, she arranged for her colleague who went to the PC fair on a special pass to purchase one for me as a gift to me!!! See how God surprise me when I decided not to trouble people but to be a blessing instead.

b) Spore HP No
I've been using a Spore phone line under corporate rate -- under this rate, get to enjoy 15-20% discount on monthly bill etc .... then suddenly my sim card died on me yesterday after using this sim card for 2yrs, 10mths! The Lord will not resurrect it even for just 2more months because He wants me to learn my lesson well.

So, down I went to the telco's service centre .... low and behold, they cannot change the sim card without the person's original IC or a letter of empowerment to me. The best part is, I told the guy at the counter that I am using my friend's line and I don't even pay the bill (which is partially true) ... so, what that make me ... the line owner's mistress? The owner happen to be a very nice Indian man. Scandalous! Then, the most troublesome part is, I will be leaving Spore in 2mths time and again I have to trouble my friend to either call in or write in to cancel the line ...

I had to make a decision again and I have decided not to trouble people anymore ... God will see to my every need because I am His servant ... I do not need to trouble people to help meet my needs .... so, I decided to ask my friend who happen to move to KL a year ago to call in to cancel his line for me and I just pop over the counter to buy myself a pre-paid phone card ... though the charges is higher and much lower benefits .... but why worry -- the Lord will meet my needs -- if they are genuinely a need and not want! ...:0... God's hands is never too short to provide or supply the best for His servant.

So, this is two little reminders as I step into the next phase of life where simplicity is what I hope to live by .... and what I told the Lord I wanted in life Dec 2009.

A true servant of God will always seek to be a blessing to others and put others ahead of himself/herself.

"Each of you should look not only to your own interests,
but also to the interests of others."
Phil 2 : 4

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