Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last Quiz in TTC

Every student needs to go thru it .. every student needs to feel its pressure and challenge of preparing and sitting for a quiz or exam. Last Thursday I had my final-final quiz as a student in TTC ... and hopefully in my lifetime .... I hate quiz and exams!

In TTC we had a few quiz and exams ... but the trick for me in selecting subjects in TTC is pick subject that does not have final exam as their criteria .. hahhaha .... such lazy student .... but what to do .... phobia of quiz and exam after the "attack" we got in our Church History many many rounds of quizzes .. NO joke ..... from not only knowing the key events in church history, the dates and names of important people, we have to be able to recall the location of the place in the map ... according to the date and key person! And ... oooo ... no forgetting the last Church History surprise quiz where we had to match the name of an important person verses his/her photo -- but the challenge is ... the photo that is give is one that is take when the person is an infant ... ok ok ... I know m exaggerating here .... but its like Mother Teresa's photo without her nun outfit and head gear or Martin Luther when he is slim looking ... :0 ..!!!

Last Thursday, I had my final quiz .. Ethics ... and God has indeed blessed me with a strategy of preparing and tackling exams -- a study group!!! So, for 3 nights, Tu, our official tutor, Ah Yi and Susanto (our new member) camped in Kome to rib apart Lovin to find key points and terms for the quiz ... Susanto came in the first day ... still overdose with his Abba and loves songs which was passed to him few days ago .... and I came in blur2 ... cos I have not read ....hehehehe ..

So, here we are .... studying hard for our quiz ..... and all of us thank God for His grace for us when we got our results last night ...:0

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