Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Snacks from Meow2 Town

I bit kampung la ... I have never seen this snack before in my life till dear Candy gave it to me .... when she came back from Meow2 town in Sarawak. According to her - its their local snack there and its common ... guess it must be like our Him Hiang Tau Sai Peng or Gula Melaka or even chinchalok.

This is made from Sagu flour mixed with coconut, sugar, egg and margarine. and it is called "tabaloi". No wonder it looks like yellow biscuit. Perhaps it is a Iban specialty. We surely dont find it here in West Malaysia.

Candy also brought me (I asked her too.. hehehe) pepper!! Sawarak pepper is the best! Love them! Very fragrant!

So,one of the things that I will miss in TTC is Gula2's company ... which we have been pressing her to answer this question : How are you going to cope when we are gone? What will happen to you? This is a second year who's trapped in the good company of third year students! LOL ....

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