Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why Don't We Fear God?

Last Sun was my first time to preach in GCM service. The topic : fear of the Lord and indeed I had great fear of preaching because it has been 1.5years since I last preached in a service.

The main thing that stuck with me is - why we do we struggle so much to fear the Lord. As I reflect, these keep ringing in my ears : " .... I want to be the one in charge .... I want to be in control of things ... I want to do it my way .... I want to be god .. I want ... I want ... I want ... I want .... " ..... Lord, have mercy .... our human nature cries out to be in charge and in control of ourselves and of the things around us, the people around us .... the following is an edited abstract from the sermon -

"Deuteronomy 10 : 16 tells us that we are stiff necked people. Stiff necked is liken to unresponsive oxen or horse. Oxen and horses are stubborn, rebellious and inflexible. It will take a strong bridle to break a horse or oxen’s stubbornness. God calls us to circumcise our heart and do not be stiff neck anymore.

If physical circumcision is cutting away the flesh, spiritual circumcision of the heart then is a cutting away of the natural, sinful, Adamic nature we are born with. Uncircumcised heart is one that is closed towards God. It is rebellious, inflexible and stubborn heart, a heart that resists the work of God’s Spirit, dealing and discipline. Uncircumcised heart still wants to be king and god over his life and not allow God to be God. Uncircumcised heart cries out to be in charge and to be in control ......

In order to fear the Lord, we need to circumcise our heart - we need to cut away the flesh, the human nature that cries out to be in charge and to be in control .....

How then can we be have a circumcised heart and fear the Lord? Only and only by SURRENDERING, LETTING GO, to ALLOWING GOD TO BE GOD in our lives , to allow God to be the one in charge and in control of our lives ..... in other words .... to totally submit to live by the Spirit.

Paul says in Romans 8:5 that those who live according to sinful nature, which is by our flesh have our minds set on that nature desires but those who live in accordance to the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires.

What is the desire of your heart? To live a life by subject to the Spirit or to live a life controlled by your sinful nature? Or we get greedy and want the best of both worlds – to claim all the benefits of God’s promises and yet at the same time, enjoy our current world?

You know that no man can serve two masters. I have personally been challenged in this area 2 weeks ago ...... We will either hate one and love the other - confirmed by own life experience - God does not want a divided heart, divided spirit, divided soul .....

Fearing the Lord is the matter of your heart – what is the decision of your heart now?

To surrender and let go of your life, to allow God and His Spirit to take control of your heart, be in charge of your life, humbly go through a spiritual circumcision of your heart ....

OR to continue to live as you are …. You being the master of your life., be in control of your life and people in your life ..... you will remain in the same situation, stuck in the same staleness of life ..

If you want a change and breakthrough in your life, make this decision today ….. pray and ask God to circumcise your heart! Allow God to be God in your life. Allow Him to take charge and take over."

Remember, if He can control and ensure that the entire universe is running and working in order ... don't you think He is able to take control of your life well?

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