Sunday, March 21, 2010

Inspector Coming!

Yup! Its the time of the term ... again .. where we need to clean up our rooms and cluster for INSPECTION!!!! Aaarrrhhh .... its not a good time of the term where its right after our 2 weeks mid term break .. and break time is the time of crazy dono doing what ...:0 ... ai ...

The warden comes around every term to check our rooms .... to check if its neat , clean, the fans are clean (our fan is to be off when the warden step into our room) or the room is spiderweb free ... m sure glad that this is the last time m going thru this process ... spent 2.5hrs cleaning up my tiny room ..... its either I want to "spoilt market" as my neighbour says or my room is like tong sampah!!!

Soon .... very soon ... I have to say bye2 to this cozy little nest that God has given me past 3 years.

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