Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jalan2 Cari Makan ......... Apollo Banana Leaf

It looks like m "partying" away .. makan2 in TTC ... last week, it was Beijing authentic food. This weekend, I had the opportunity to taste banana leaf meal in Spore for the first time. I am actually quite fussy about Indian food because I lived with an Indian family for 4 years in KL when first started working. the family was very nice where besides renting a room, they actually provided me home cooked meal. Vijaya is a superb cook! So, it became unspoken agreement that they will leave food for me if they cook from Mon-Fri and every weekend, I'll cook them a nice Chinese meal.

So, in those days, if anyone wants Indian food, I say no, its not nice. I get better meal - at home! :0 ... Yes, my taste bud is spoilt by Vijaya's fantastic cooking :0..

Yesterday was Walter's 15th birthday and he has been waiting for his banana leaf meal ever since he came back late Dec. After 3 months of patiently waiting, he got his "dream" meal! We went to Apollo Banana Leaf in Little India. At 2pm, the place was still packed with people. We ordered butter chicken, crab and the famous fish head curry. The fish head curry was good , butter chicken is new to me, I have not tasted it before. But was a little disappointed with the crab --- eeerrr ... I think I cook better crab curry ... thanks to Vijaya off course. I picked up some of her cooking skills and great recipes.

The meal reminds me so much of my regular visits to Raju's in Jalan Gasing. I think that its still the best decent place to eat banana leaf meal -- in KL, Jb and Spore .... it is still the best place. But I have not gone back to this place past 10 years. I hope that the quality of food is still the same - I remember - the owner drives a green Jaguar!

Would I go back to Apollo? Yea .... I will but I don't I'll order the crab or the butter chicken. Maybe I'll try something else like the masala prawn or their sotong curry.

This boy really really gets the best of both worlds and he surely enjoying it! Thanks for inviting me!

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